God of War III pt. 2

Interview: The second half of our chat with director Stig Asmussen

We continue our natter with the man in charge of making sure Kratos' third console outing rocks you like a flying punch to the skull.

If you missed the first part of the interview, check it out right here.

In the trailer Kratos uses some super powerful lion-faced fists to smash through groups of enemies and giant rocks - can you describe any other new weapons or powers that will be in the game?

Stig Asmussen: Yeah, the Cestus. We really liked the gameplay of the gauntlets from the PSP game, and we wanted to bring something like that to the PS3. The Cestus are these massive iron gloves, and Kratos can really do a lot of damage with them. He changes his stance when using them, almost like a boxer.


Like I said, when equipping the Cestus, Kratos takes a sort of 'boxer' stance. He moves differently than with the blades. It really is a 'stance shift'. Every weapon will have a shift like this and will change the style of gameplay accordingly.

We also have a fire-bow (temporary name) and 'Hermes Boots' which will allow Kratos to perform a wall-run move, great for combat and navigation.

We also have the 'Helios Head' that when equipped will reveal secret locations and functions as a sort of flashlight in dark areas.

There are many more items and weapons, but we will save those for later...

Surprising as it were, the traditionally lonesome survival horror Resident Evil went co-op. Is there any scope for a similar embracing of multiplayer in GoWIII?

Stig Asmussen: GOWIII is a one-player game.

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We know that the decision to make God of War II for PS2 or PS3 was up for discussion during development. Why was the PS2 chosen, instead of giving the PS3 that blockbuster many thought it lacked at launch? And do you think it was the right choice?

Stig Asmussen: I can't comment on exactly why the decision was made. I imagine it was because it was clear that the PS2 was still a viable platform and that this team could deliver an awesome experience on it and prove that point.

At the time I didn't know if it was the right choice. I really wanted to get my hands dirty on the PS3. But looking back, I am very happy that was the decision that was made. I am confident that GOWIII will be better because of this decision.

It said in a press release for the game last year that GoWIII was the "last installment of the multi-million unit franchise" leading to speculation that this could be the finale for Kratos. Is GoWIII to be the finale of a trilogy?


Stig Asmussen: As far as the final chapter in the trilogy goes, yes.

Kaz Hirai was recently quoted as saying Sony intentionally made PS3 hard to develop for so that developers don't instantly have access to all its power and games would continue to look better as time passes. What are your thoughts on this?

Stig Asmussen: From what I read in that article that isn't exactly what he said. From my perspective he is essentially saying that Sony made the conscious decision to make the PS3 as powerful as possible, and if that meant it was going to be a beast to program for, 'so be it'.

In my opinion, Sony has always been about pushing the industry forward - - evolving it. In order to harness new technology fully, it might be necessary to evolve our development techniques as well. What may seem really complex right now, may become the standard in a couple of years. The programmers in my studio are super sharp guys and when the PS3 first came out they were forced to rethink things a bit. But now they have a really firm grasp on the system. Basically, it is just about evolving your skills right? That's a big part about making games in general.

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