200 Reasons to Love PC Gaming - Pt. 1

Celebrating 200 issues of PC Gamer

The PC Gamer team celebrates 200 issues by compiling the reasons we still love mouse and keyboard gaming...

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1. Alien Swarm
A super-tense (and free) mod for Unreal Tournament that lets you and three friends invade and then escape from a xeno-infested space colony. That it's a top-down shooter adds to the tension: a single slip of the mouse can see you blowing away your colleagues. Download it from: snipurl.com/cxr07.


2. Fall from Heaven
This mod adds dark fantasy to the historic armageddon of Civilization IV, and is easily as good as the base game. The Civ devs agree: the Fall from Heaven creators got to produce a scenario for Civ IV's Beyond the Stars expansion. Try Fall for yourself at snipurl.com/d816q.

3. Garry's Mod
A glorious mix of Lego playset and context-free Half-Life 2 insanity. Garry made a mod we didn't realise we needed to play. Then we attached a jet to a bath, and sat Dr Breen inside. And then we couldn't stop. For the best creations, visit: www.garrysmod.com.

4. The headshot noise from counter-strike
The sound of melon death and victory.

5. Graphics card naming conventions
In which an nVidia 280 is faster than an 8800.

6. Will Wright
The world's most powerful developer, producing games for everyone. He's done more to expand gaming audiences than any other developer, and he's all about the PC. Our hero.

7. Desktop Tower Defence
Bring on the infinite waves: our heart has been stolen by the free web-version at www.desktoptowerdefence.com. Creepy.

8. Cake
Om nom nom.

9. Cocks in Space
Thank you, Spore.

10. Physics!
The rallying cry of an office entranced by a corpse sliding gently down a staircase.

11. No-CD Cracks
Because discs are a 1990s problem.

12. Bookworm Adventures deluxe
Defeating a hydra by spelling 'poo'. Still funny.

13. Free games
PC gaming doesn't have to cost a thing thanks to the steady stream of free independent games released online. We've compiled a small selection of our favourites on the DVD.


14. Satire as gaming
The pace of web game development means that it's a legitimate place for political reaction. Within a few days of Bush dodging a shoe, multiple 'sock and awe' games were playable on Flash sites.

15. Replay editors
Making ragdolls funny ever since ragdolls were invented. The best replay editor we've ever seen is in GTA IV - and you'll find the best movies we've created on PC Gamer's YouTube feed.

16. Youtube's Massive cutscene archive
Nowadays, we don't need to even complete games to find out what happens at the end: every cutscene ever has been faithfully uploaded to YouTube somewhere.

17. Steam
Hundreds of games ready to buy and download at a moment's notice, alongside all your favourite servers and friends list. An endless supply of free demos and game movies, and the best indie game portal on the planet. Amazing. Steam is PC gaming.

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