First Army of Two: The 40th Day trailer

In-game footage of EA's co-op sequel

Here's the first trailer for EA's Army of Two: The 40th Day, including the first proper look at the in-game visuals, albeit in a fairly low-res video.

"The ultimate two-man private military team of Salem and Rios return in this epic sequel where they must survive and prevail in a city under siege," EA's info sheet reads.

This video is no longer available

"Army of Two: The 40th Day features a bigger playbook of new co-op moves that either player can use at any time, opening up new strategies and countless choices for both players. The result is a bigger, better, more organic and immersive co-op experience that lets gamers put their best two-man tactics to use whenever and wherever they want."

Hopefully we'll have a higher-quality version of the video soon.