New Call Of Duty map pack coming

Complete with another Nazi Zombie mode

Would you believe there's a second Call of Duty: World at War map pack coming in June? You should, it's happening.

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Just as I approach level 65 in CoD multiplayer, and begin to make plans to get my life back on track, Activision unveils a second map pack for World At War that'll arrive next month.

Imaginatively titled 'Map Pack 2' you'll get 'Banzai' (a jungle map complete with waterfalls and caves), 'Corrosion' (more trainyard action) and 'Sub Pens' (rainy bombed-out submarine base).

Even better news is word of a new Nazi Zombies map called 'Shi No Numa', which means Zombie Swamp. It's got a new weapon, the Wunderwaffe DG-2, and "flaming Hell Hounds" as well as new achievements.

Here's Map Pack 1's zombie mode in action:

This video is no longer available

First images shouldn't be too far off.