"Batman started life as a rhythm-action game"

Arkham Asylum developers talk Batmobiles, why Joker is exclusive to PS3 and the pressures of making a game that publisher Eidos claims is 'close to perfect'

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The combat and character movement feel incredibly smooth and polished - how have these changed since development started?

Moving Batman around is something that we've been tweaking for two years solid. We tested, tweaked and improved it again and again to get it perfect, because that's something vital to the game. If moving your character through the world doesn't feel right then the entire game will suffer. Similarly with the combat, which went through a few iterations. We started in one direction, didn't really like it and changed entirely. But from the start a clear goal was not to ape any other third-person action games. We deliberately didn't look at or try to mimic anything that had come before as we wanted it to feel totally unique.

We went off in some slightly crazy directions to begin with. In fact, one of the earliest versions was like a rhythm action game and saw you judging when to hit the 'notes' (i.e. punches), which was an interesting idea but never really worked. But, weirdly, the final game isn't actually that different from this. When you're fighting enemies there's a kind of rhythm to it. I'm a big kung-fu fan and when you watch the fights in those films there's a lovely natural rhythm to it. That's something we wanted you to feel when you were playing Batman; that you're in control at all times. We wanted it to look choreographed, but with you being directly responsible for every move and attack.

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