Sony knows nothing about those slim PS3 pics

"We don't know anything about the system in the photos," Sony tells CVG

These are the rumoured pics of a new slim PS3 that are said to have leaked from a production line in a Chinese factory.


The shots show the matt black outer shell of a skinnier version of the console, complete with a slots for the Blu-ray disc drive, USB ports, and PS3 branding on the top and bottom (but not in the same Spider-Man-style font). There's even a shot of the box, with all the PSN logos and a label indicating a 120GB internal hard drive.

Quite specifically Sony told us: "We don't know anything about the system in the photos."

The unit in the snaps, posted on a now-removed thread in a Famitsu Chinese forum (via 1Up) look fake as you like, if you ask us.

It's cheap-looking plastic and odd logo remind us more of those knock-off console imitations common in those parts of the world (remember the Vii?), probably packing a few dozen emulated Atari 2600 games.

Sony yesterday told CVG: "We currently don't have any plans for a redesigned PS3".