This week's Xbox Live releases

Star Trek, Fable II and shoes for your Avatar

It's Friday and Microsoft Points are burning a hole in your pocket. What do you do? Spend 'em all on this lot...

The top piece of Marketplace content from the last week is undoubtedly the Fable II See the Future DLC, which adds new quests, items, dogs and great deal of story to your Albion adventure. It's 560 points (£4.76).


This week's Xbox Live Arcade releases are film tie-in Star Trek: D.A.C and Texas Cheat 'em, which are each going for 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80). Mum favourite Brain Challenge is also the Deal of the Week for 400 points (£3.40).

Elsewhere on the Marketplace is a rather lovely Crackdown premium theme for 240 points (£2.04) and shoes (and flip flops!) for your Avatar.