Runes of Magic Giveaway

Exclusive: 5000 in-game items only available here

Today sees the launch of a special community event for MMO Runes of Magic, which has now received a million registered users around the world.

CVG is one of only five European websites giving away an exclusive in-game item for absolutely nothing. Who loves you?

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We're giving away the Chest Piece below to the first 5000 readers who sign up to instantly receive their in-game code. If you want the boots and pants, you can read more about the other websites participating in the giveaway here.

Get your free in-game item here!

Once you've got your exclusive CVG code you'll need to pop on over to the Runes Of Magic website to redeem it.

Runes of Magic was commercially released on 19 March 2009. It's free to play and there are no monthly fees, which is probably why one million swear by it.