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Testing Teaser Trailers

Feature: Patience is a virtue

We understand that teaser trailers are part and parcel of a game's unveiling. But enough is enough. Today's teasers are getting out of hand and we're here to point the finger. There was a time when one teaser would be followed by a reveal, but now we're subjected to a couple of teaser trailers (free adverts) before the actual reveal.

Here are the worst offenders that have made dissecting ten seconds of teaser footage for a 1000 word article nothing short of an art form.

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Aliens Versus Predator

This video is no longer available

Offender: Sega Talk about a poor first showing of one of gaming's greatest comebacks. there's a lot riding on this remake the teaser showing nothing of the actual game at all. We know it's got aliens, predators and marines in it and we already know who we're going to play as. If your game looks awesome, don't be afraid to show it. Or at least one frame.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

This video is no longer available

Offender: Ubisoft We know Splinter Cell is coming. It's been coming for as long as we can remember. But after all the original hype, a huge delay and the devs talking up the new vision, did we really deserve three voice-led recaps? No.

F1 2009

This video is no longer available

Offender: Codemasters Everybody's been looking forward to this one, especially since the official F1 license has been PlayStation exclusive for years. So why does Codemasters think we want to sit through two minutes of TV credits? We know you're working on it because you told us you were. Just show it us please.

Modern Warfare 2

This video is no longer available

Offender: Infinity Ward Talk about a dicktease. It's going to be the biggest game of 2009. Anyone with a console and PC WILL buy it. Honestly we only hated this so much because we desperately wanted to see more. You could show us the ending and we'd still run out and buy it day one. But a Casualty-esque set of credits? ARGGGGG!!!!

Halo Reach

This video is no longer available

Offender: Bungie So it's got planets in it. Who would have thought? But seriously, Bungie, you can't announce a new Halo game and not show ONE single shot of what it might look like. It's almost as if you've got nothing to actually show.


This video is no longer available

Offender: Bethesda So this is the top secret game that UK-developer Splash Damage was handed coding honours to. But when is a reveal not a reveal? When it's a teaser trailer for something we know nothing about. We didn't even know what you were teasing. Thankfully we do now.

Assassin's Creed 2

This video is no longer available

Ubisoft (again) - This one's in our bad books because publisher Ubisoft actually called it a "first reveal" trailer, when it was nothing of the sort. After a terrible first tease, we thought this was it. But no, it was ANOTHER teaser that showed no gameplay at all. The shame of it.

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