VidZone - exclusive footage

We show you how it works in this quick video demo

Here's a quick video showing off how Sony's upcoming music video service for PS3, VidZone, functions on the console.

It's pretty good - the opening screen pulls up a list of recommended tracks, the current chart toppers and a select few from a particular genre, which can be added to your playlist just by hitting X, as we do at the start of this video.

This video is no longer available

Tap R1 and you can skip through videos - it's all pretty quick and within seconds of starting a video the PS3 already has enough cached to fast-forward through it too, as we demonstrate.

We play with the admittedly clunky search feature, bust out some Will Smith (has to be done), and show you how, once the service goes live, you will be able to download videos and ringtones for your mobile phone, for a fee of around £1.50, according to this early 'review' version we have.

Pretty good overall, though. Sony says it "hopes" to reveal the full details of its launch (it's currently penned for this summer) at E3.