The PC Games Of E3

Article: Hit and misses from the show floor

It might not have looked it from the press conferences but there was plenty to see on PC at this year's E3.

Over the next 12 months PC gamers will be able to play practically everything shown by the major publishers on their platform of choice, plus - in the words of PC Gamer UK editor Tim Edwards - mouse and keyboard is home to "the two best games at the show"; ambitious and impressive MMO, APB and fellow online giant from BioWare, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

But there were plenty of misses on the show floor too. PC games that we think should have appeared at the show went demo-less, teaser trailer-less and some just didn't turn up at all. How rude.

Here's a rundown of both our hits from the show floor and the titles that for one reason or another, were missing in action.

Hit: Left 4 Dead 2
ETA: November 17, 2009

The original Left 4 Dead was the best multiplayer game of 2008; this is the second campaign. While boycott groups rage over its speedy, full-price release, we think fans should see all Left 4 Dead 2 has to offer before jumping to conclusions.

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As well as new environments, survivors and radically different day and weather settings, L4D2's box carries five new campaigns, melee weapon and zombie dismemberment systems, as well as dozens of weapons and special infected variations - not soft changes. Valve's spoilt us rotten in the past and frankly we'd pay 40 quid for more Left 4 Dead right now.

Miss: Rage

Despite promising "new stuff" at E3 2009, id Software's showing was a fairly underwhelming one at this year's Los Angeles show, barely getting a mention during Rage publisher Electronic Arts' E3 press conference.

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We've gone a good two years since Rage's announcement and it's still without a release date - let alone any new footage, and the id fanbase is slowly starting to feel like we'll be lucky to see the id Tech 5 shooter before the end of 2010.

We were also disappointed not to see a teaser trailer for the announced fourth instalment of Doom. It's not all bad news for id fans though; QuakeCon 2009 is planned for August 13 and we're likely to see at least something of the developer's illusive projects. We hope.

Hit: Star Wars: The Old Republic
ETA: 2010

Those disappointed by the online direction for BioWare's latest Star Wars effort are set to be pleasantly surprised by The Old Republic. It's the first MMO to have all the production values and story of a big-budget single-player release, but in the mould of a massive, content-filled online game.

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