PSM3 Presents: Bargain Tues, er, Wednesday #2

Our buyer's buddy blog may be a day late, but it's still stuffed with bargains PLUS: An exclusive FFXIII video interview.

Last month we kicked off Bargain Tuesday, a regular blog designed to help you save some cash in these harsh financial times. The idea is that we scour the Internet on the last Tuesday of the month and dig up a few SCORCHING OFFERS to help you save cash on your PS3 purchases. We run this blog at the end of the month to coincide with pay day (for those of you lucky / old / unlucky enough work). Well, a little later than planned, here are the deals we sniffed out for July:

Fancy a warm up before FIFA 10? You could do a lot worse than this:

FIFA 09, £13.25,

Football not your thing? Is stabbing men with a shiv more up your street? If so, this is a steal:

Chronicles of Riddick, £15.99,

There are few PSP games we'd recommend you snapped up, but this is definitely one of them:

Tekken Dark Resurrection, £7.99,

No, we can't wait for Saboteur either, but in the meantime, why not check out Pandemic's last sandbox shooter:

Mercenaries 2, £8.99.

Two more bargains from the 'we thought they were dead' shop Zavvi:

Stuntman Ignition, £8.95,

The Club, £7.95,

Finally, this one is currently out of stock, but is well worth keeping an eye on. Possibly the best bargain we've ever seen:

Rainbow Six Vegas 2, £2.99,

Well, that's it from us on another bargain Tuesday (yes, we know). Until then, feel free to post about your own shopping steals. Together, we can smash the Credit Crunch with the power of games.

Team PSM3

UPDATE: An insightful FFXIII interview just went live on our YouTube channel. Click here to see see what happened when we got to chat to the Godfather of Final Fantasy, Yoshinori Kitase, and Dissidia's lead designer, Tetsuya Arakawa.