Supercar Challenge

Hands-On: New footage and hands-on impressions

Ferrari Challenge was a fair crack at a racing sim on PS3, but that 'F' word on the box meant if the car doesn't have a prancing horse on its bonnet, it wasn't in the game.

No 'Ferrari' on the box means Supercar Challenge can spread its wings and get some of the world's other brain-melting, 200mph motors in there, but that's not the only difference between this and System 3's previous racer.

You can feel the similarities in the handling, but another year's development means more refinement on the game's proprietary physics model. Cars have more weight now as you throw them about, and your connection with the cars' wheels is more defined - you can feel when a wheel rumbles over the red and white kerbs, or when your rear end starts to step out under intense acceleration.

Unlike other sims, SCC aims to be accessible to all car maniacs with three distinctive handling modes. Assisted mode is for your mum - it helps with steering and braking, and traction control stops you from spinning the car.

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Arcade mode, which we used for our exclusive videos on this page, is a happy medium between forgiving and realism. You get no steering or braking assistance, but stability control stops you overcooking the accelerator on bends, so you can be heavy-footed and still have some fun.

If you're a petrol head though, Simulation mode turns off all the assists and lets you loose on all 500-or-so of the cars' horses, which almost certainly results in a few first corner smash ups until you learn to respect your car's power.

This video is no longer available

Watch tons of other great game videos in HD over on our video channel!

It may lack a bit of visual spit and polish but it's shaping up to be a solid racer - that DOES have damage on cars. And there's no messing about in Golf GTIs at the start - it's super cars from the word go.

In total there's over 40 of the four-wheel beasts including the Lamborghini Mercielago R-GT, Aston Martin DB9, Zonda and of course a selection of Ferrari's lush motors.

Check out the videos which show gameplay in day and night, and in wet conditions with those rainy effects that System 3 is so very proud of.

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