Sturmovik multiplayer modes revealed

More than just dog fighting

A selection of multiplayer modes have been revealed for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey.

And here they are:

Dog Fight
Dog fight is a traditional 'free-for-all' mode. After selecting initial game settings (number of players, difficulty level, planes available, game play map, time limit, points limits etc) players engage in aerial dogfights earning points for every downed enemy aircraft.

The winner is the first pilot to reach the point limit first or the pilot with the most points when the allotted time runs out.

Team Dog Fight
After selecting initial settings, players are divided into two teams. Like Dog fight, points are earned for every downed aircraft in the enemy's team.

The winner is the team that reaches the point limit first or has the most points when the allotted time runs out.

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Strike is a multiplayer mode where teams attempt to destroy as many of the enemy's ground targets as possible, while defending their own. The winner is the team with either the most points when the timer runs out, the team that reaches the points limit first or the team who wipes out all of their opponent's ground targets. Points are awarded for both aerial and ground targets, although ground targets are worth more points than those in the air.

Capture the Airfield
Players attempt to capture and hold as many opposition airfields as possible. An airfield is considered captured once a player lands and spends a specified amount of time on the ground without being destroyed. All airfields in this mode being the game as neutral, so securing airfields quickly is crucial.

Each team is granted a specified number of team tickets at the beginning of the game. Each time a player respawns, one team ticket is used up. Once a team has no tickets left, it cannot return to the battlefield.

The team controlling the lowest number of airfields suffers a penalty of their ticket pool being depleted second by second. The bigger this disadvantage, the quicker the ticket pool is depleted.

The winner is the team that has the most tickets left either at the end of the match or when an enemy team loses all tickets and planes.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey will take off on September 4 for 360, PS3, DS and PSP.