Australian game rating system a "joke"

Boss of Game Developers Association of Australia says he's embarrassed

Tom Crago, the president of the Game Developers Association of Australia, says he's embarrassed by the Australian government's stance on game classifications.

"... The biggest problem we have here in Australia is that we don't have an R classification for videogames. At the moment, the highest a game can be classified is M [MA 15+] which means you need to be 15 years or over to buy it. It's ridiculous because it assumes that games are fundamentally different to film and outrageous in that it assumes that adults shouldn't be allowed to access adult content in videogames," he told IT Wire.

Crago was speaking shortly after the Australian ratings body refused to grant Koch Media's medieval RPG Risen a classification. It is the third game to be refused classification in Australia this year. Last year five titles suffered the same fate. According to Crago, the simple solution is to introduce an R18+ classification.

"... That would solve the problem; it would bring us in line with the rest of the world, and it would ensure that games that are presently refused classification, or shoehorned inappropriately into the MA15+ bracket can be appropriately rated.

"We are the butt of a lot of jokes; I travel, obviously a lot, talking to other developers and publishers and people cannot believe it that we still have this ridiculous system here in Australia, designed twenty or thirty years ago, and hasn't changed since."

Article supplied by Edge-Online