Disney hires Bungie co-founder

Alex Seropian joins to oversee development across the company's internal teams

Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian has joined Disney to oversee development across the company's internal videogame teams.

As part of the deal, Disney Interactive Studios has also acquired Seropian's latest development studio, Wideload Games.

"We're really trying to be a magnet in this industry for talent, as we are in so many other parts of the entertainment world," Graham Hopper, general manager of Disney Interactive Studios, told CNBC. "It really is about building a team that can win. We want to be sure we have a creative environment where the best game makers in the industry are comfortable working - and where they want to work."

According to the report, Disney has 1,200 employees working on games and is in the process of tripling its investment in the space. In 2007 the company also acquired Warren Spector's Junction Point studio, while just last week it bought Marvel Entertainment.

"We want to be bigger than what we are today - a lot bigger than what we are today," Hopper added. "We don't have the ambition of trying to unseat the top players in the industry, because we don't have the market share goal. What we want to do is build up and introduce new [properties] to the game industry - and to Disney - and expose the company in a new way to consumers."

Seropian said that his primary goal will be to help Disney produce games that appeal to both core and casual players. "Look at Pixar. They are successfully making films that appeal to both families and film nerds - and that opportunity exists in games."

Article supplied by Edge-Online