Sexy UK GT PSP bundle detailed

Collector's edition game and GT-branded PSP

Sony has spilled the beans on its plans for the release of Gran Turismo PSP, revealing a special edition version of the game, and a sweet GT-branded PSP-3000.

The Gran Turismo PSP Collector's Edition will come with an extra vehicle - the black Bugatti Veyron 16.4, the world's fastest production car. "You also get 5 exclusive Bugatti Veyron artcards and special rainbow silver foil effect Collector's Edition pack," says Sony.

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The hardware bundle is more tantalising. It comes with a Gran Turismo Edition PSP-3000 (not a PSP-Go, disappointingly), which "features special GT branding and ornaments in a unique Titanium finish". It's not a Go, but we want it.

Also in the bundle, you get a PSN card to download the Corvette ZR1 in white, and a PSP-branded leather case.

Both will be out on October 1. No prices though. "Unfortunately we don't have pricing information at present but it should be in line with other recent PSP bundles," said Sony.

PSP bundles currently hover around the £150 mark.