Modern Warfare 2 PC has Steam Cloud, Achievements

Infinity Ward confirms Steamworks support

The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 will include Valve's Steamworks support, Infinity Ward has confirmed.

The suite of tools gives Infinity Ward access to every component of Steam, including Achievements (Modern Warfare will have 50) and Steam Cloud, which will let players access their user and save data from any PC.

Unfortunately Steam's roster of features doesn't include free dedicated servers. Ahem.

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"Steamworks will make it possible for us to have a closer connection to our fans, and enable us to support our community much more than ever before," said community man Robert Bowling.

"Steam is the hands-down leader in offering a community-focused experience on PC, and the inclusion of Steamworks has allowed us to deliver the most feature-rich PC version to ever come from Infinity Ward, which at the end of the day will mean the most to our fans."

Modern Warfare 2 is out on November 10, or in this lucky man's hands right now.