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Final Fantasy XIII dated for UK, curiously endorsed

Leona Lewis theme song means March 9th UK release risks losing x-factor

Finally. Square Enix have announced a Western release date for Final Fantasy XIII, one of history's most delayed games. And they've done it in the weirdest way possible.

This video, released via the official EU PlayStation blog, shows some nice new footage of the game, but it's the presenter that creeps us out. Just watch...


It's like some kind of bizarre Scientology indoctrination video. What's with the creepy, robotic presenter? And why is he sparkling?

But weirder still, John Yamamoto, President and CEO, Square Enix, pops up to tell us about who'll be singing the new theme song... X-Factor winner Leona Lewis.

The Final Fantasy series has always had fantastic original theme songs, but now they're using a song off Lewis' new album, ECHO. Bit disappointing, really (Editor's note: Andy couched this in slightly stronger terms in the office). But should help Square Enix corner that elusive 'fourteen year-old girl' market. The song is called 'My Hands', and you can hear it below:


'A rich ballad that compliments a powerful scene of FFXIII' says Yamamoto. We'll take your word for it, mate.

Oh, and that Western release date?

March 9th, 2010.

We'll believe it when we see it. Which'll be on, er, 9/3/10, all being well.

Are you hyped for Final Fantasy XIII? And what do you think about Leona Lewis? Office opinion is split, so in the spirit of Simon Cowell - we're copping out and putting it to public vote.

Andy K