SingStar dev "really sorry" over botched patch

Developer apologises for "severe" bugs

Squealy home vocalists will no doubt have experienced various troubles with the SingStar 4.2 patch, but the good news is that not only has the developer issued a heartfelt apology and admitted to poor testing, it's said that the bug-free update should be available first week of December.

Speaking direct to the community at the PlayStation blog, SingStar Game Director Dave Ranyard said his team were "really sorry" for the several "serious bugs" that "slipped through our normally rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) testing."

Due to the severity of the reported problems - which included SingStore songs being deleted from the hard drive, mid-song crashes and media file corruption - a "quick fix" proved out of reach.

But with all issues finally (hopefully) ironed out, and set to be relayed to the QA testing team by the end of the week, 4.2 should ready for download at a target date of 1 December. That's definitely something worth singing for (or at least investing in a new pair of earplugs for - depending on your allegiance)...