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Custom kill streaks and leveling up? Nah, we prefer popping pegs

Peggle is plinky plonky awesomeness and it's arriving on your PSN Store soon...

There are plenty of valuable pocket-money purchases on PSN. And, even better, the majority of the titles are only available on PlayStation 3; The Pixeljunk games, Everyday Shooter, Crash Commando, Flow, Flower. But we don't have Peggle yet. The ultimate popping peg sim of all time.

Let's start at the beginning. Peggle is a game about aiming a balls at a nest of, erm, pegs. There's about 100 of them on a stage, but you only need to hit 25 (selected randomly on each stage) to clear the board. You're limited to the amount of balls you can launch on each level.

There's 55 stages to clear and a few power-ups to unlock along the way but they're not the reason you'll be changing your desktop wallpaper to a picture of a beaver with a yellow hat or an enthusiastic unicorn.

The key to Peggle is in how it makes you feel when you play. It's almost impossible to predict where your ball is going to end up after its first few bounces but it doesn't matter. Peggle loves congratulating you, even though you haven't done much of consequence. And that'll make you love Peggle. It's a bit like MW2's relentless unlocks or Burnout Paradise's constant back-slapping. You'll feel like a Peggle Master, like the game was designed especially for your brain, like you've found your calling at last - even if you suck.

Hit a peg from distance and you'll get some bonus points and a wonderful impact noise. Hit a few pegs in a row and the pitch of each collision increases in an uncannily satisfying way. If you manage to land your peg in a pot that's moving around the bottom of the screen, you get to use that ball again for free. Nail the final peg on a board and all kinds of happy hell breaks loose.

There's rainbows, chirpy tunes, and a dramatic use of Schiller's glorious Ode to Joy. It's epic.

But until you pop your first peg You might not 'get' why unlocking a virtual certificate is that much of a big deal. You won't understand the thrills of ricocheting a ball across the playing field to nail the final peg of a tricky board. And you certainly won't understand the subtlety of later challenges that'll have you calculating scores, angles and multipliers well into the night.

A European release date is yet to be confirmed but, somewhat annoyingly, the US Store is just about to get the original Peggle and it's themed sequel, Peggle Nights. They both hit on Thursday and come with some extra features. PSN is getting the ultimate version of Peggle. Tweaked, polished and boosted to perfection.

Don't worry. It'll hit the European store soon enough. I promise. Keep your wallet stocked for that wonderful day...