Assassin's Creed II DS review is in

A not-so-good verdict from Official Nintendo Magazine

You've probably already stuck your eyes on our glowing Assassin's Creed II review, but what of its Nintendo DS brother, Assassin's Creed II: Discovery?

According to the review over on Official Nintendo Magazine, the sequel's handheld brother is a sidescrolling action game unfortunately lacking in real thrills.

"While the switch to 2D is to be applauded, the level design should not," says ONM's review. "There are multiple tiers to be negotiated, great for avoiding some pursuers, but there's little incentive to fully explore the world. It looks drab for one, and aside from collecting Wanted posters (which can be overlaid with your photo) to unlock new rewards or upping your kill rate, there's nothing to do."

It concludes: "a by-the-numbers platforming experience."

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