Dark Elves enter the Blood Bowl arena

THQ announces new playable race for its fantasy football game

Anyone who's ever played the original Blood Bowl tabletop game will know that the Dark Elves were one of the best races in it (basically, callous gits with tons of agility). The good news is that THQ, Cyanide and Focus has released them as a brand new playable race in its virtual spin-off for PC.

Existing PC gamers can download the race as a free add-on, while anyone yet to spend their readies on the title can pick up Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition (out now), which also features an 80-page illustrated strategy guide.

The Dark Elves include their own Star Player, sexy, long-limbed cheerleaders and "unique animations".

THQ has yet to reveal whether the race will be available in the Xbox 360 edition, which releases next Friday, 27 November.