Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising screens

Relic RTS expansion due in March, 2010

Relic's released new Dawn of War 2: Choas Rising screenshots in its latest official site update.

"We had several big design goals when making Chaos Rising's campaign," it reads. "The first one was to add more of everything that players loved about Dawn of War II. We found that players really enjoyed leveling, upgrading, and equipping the cast of Blood Ravens, and we wanted to continue giving more toys to play with.

"The second big goal was to make sure the flavour and theme of Chaos was very prominent in the game, and this led to the development of the corruption gameplay. Corruption adds an entirely new layer to customize your squads with, and directly ties back to choices you make in the campaign," Relic adds.


Your squads can become 'corrupt' in the sequel (or redeem themselves of corruption) by "completing specific objectives, capturing crucial structures, making specific choices about mission deployments, or even just by following the example your Force Commander sets," the developer says.

The standalone expansion is due out in March, 2010. We're quite looking forward to it. Read our Dawn of War 2 review for the original's verdict.