The 100 Best Xbox Games - Part One

Games 100 to 76 in Xbox World 360's all-time greats

This article originally appeared in Xbox World 360 magazine. Buy your copy of Xbox World 360 and get it delivered to your door, why don't you?

More than seven years, well over 80 issues... We've racked up a fair tapestry of gaming goodness in Xbox World 360, with the hardest gamers and the best writers weighing up the delights on offer, from the quaint classics on the old black titan known as Xbox, to over 400 Xbox 360 games since the machine's launch.

It's always a bugger compiling a list like this because not only are a lot of games superseded by annual updates or sequels, they can also begin to fall apart after months of play or - in rare cases - actually get better the more hours you put in! But, here it is. Do let us know what you think of our choices at xbw@futurenet.com...


100. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Gearbox / Shooter
Band of Brothers: The Game. It'll test your grey matter more than your trigger finger.

XBW Verdict: 79%
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99. Call of Juarez 2
Techland / Shooter
Crammed full of ideas, even if some are underused. It's still the best Western on 360; until Red Dead Redemption at least.
XBW Verdict: 79%
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98. Eternal Sonata
Namco Bandai / RPG
An unusually imaginative plot (it takes place in Chopin's dying brain) makes this otherwise basic J-RPG stand out.
XBW Verdict: 79%
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97. UFC 2009: Undisputed
Yuke's / Fighting
A genuinely brilliant fighting engine, backed up by a game which is sadly quite sparse.

XBW Verdict: 79%
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Lost Planet
Capcom / Action
Shallow and hard, but with surprisingly solid multiplayer. Curiously, has a huge gay following. Don't mind him.
XBW Verdict: 79%
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Race Pro
SimBin / Racing
Po-faced racer with plenty of horsepower tucked behind its deadly serious exterior. Solid but sterile racing action.

XBW Verdict: 80%
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Earth Defence Force 2017
Sandlot / Action
A bit basic and ropey-looking, but endlessly hilarious and gloriously over-the-top.

XBW Verdict: 80%
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Moto GP 07
Climax / Racing
The best version of the greatest motorbike series on 360. Recent entries have been less arcadey, and therefore less fun.

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