Silicon Knights' next game: The Box?

CV leaks Too Human house's project

It's CVG time again: A curriculum vitae has leaked the identity of a game in development at Too Human house, Silicon Knights.

According to the Chinese notes of ex-Silicon Knights artist, Zhang Shao-yong, his previous work includes "Too Human, and The Box (Xbox and PS3)," on which he helped shape visual effects for "explosions, smoke, water, fire, weather and so on."

Like you, we've no idea what 'The Box' is - though we doubt the Canadian developer is working on an Xbox 360 spin-off of the popular music channel.

Casting our eyes back to a 2008 CVG interview with boss Dennis Dyack though, the SK honcho does appear to drops some hints on what The Box could be about.

This video is no longer available

"We've been lucky enough to make Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness, Too Human and if you look at all of those they're all really different," said Dyack. "The next game that we're going to announce, not including the sequels to the trilogy, it's nothing like anything else we've ever made before.

"We want to continue to do that to keep fresh. That's really what's important, and making sure that we continue to make new IPs but also continue to innovate in the genres that we try to... create content in, I suppose is the best way to describe it."

The Too Human developer is already known to be working on a new IP with Sega, which will be the studio's first partnership with a non-platform-holder in ten years. Could this be it?

Via Superannuation