Final Fight: Double Impact revealed

Two fighting games for one coming to XBLA, PSN

Capcom has coughed up details on Final Fight: Double Impact, which sees two classic arcade side-scrolling fighters released as one.

The bundle features Final Fight and Magic Sword and should keep old skool fans very happy with HD visuals, multiplayer modes and leaderboards. The bundle is currently due for release around April next year.

"Final Fight is one of the all-time greats of the beat-em-up genre," boasts Capcom, adding, "this game is absolutely required reading for any fan of beat-em-ups, and features enhanced HD graphical filters (a la MVC2), and drop-in online co-op!"


Magic Sword is "another side-scrolling classic, chock full of everything you want out of an epic dungeon fantasy: secret doors, power-ups, tons of enemies, bosses galore, and oh yeah-assist characters (go with the Knight-he's so good!). Magic Sword also gets more on-line coop goodness, and the purdy new HD graphical filters."

Are you as excited as them?