UK Dante's demo Dec 24 - on BOTH platforms

EA confirms multiplatform demo launch for UK

EA's confirmed that the Dante's Inferno demo will arrive on Christmas Eve, December 24 on both Xbox Live and PSN in Europe. It seems only North American PS3 owners are getting it early, then.

The demo - called 'Gates of Hell' - includes the entire opening level of the game. "In the demo players are introduced to Dante Alighieri's re-imagined past as a crusader who returns home to Florence to discover his true love, Beatrice, murdered," says EA.

"As her soul escapes her body, she is kidnapped by the dark shadow form of Lucifer. Sworn to her rescue, Dante must journey to the Gates of Hell and beyond to battle undead monstrosities, unholy boss demons, and Death himself. Offering a glimpse into the vast world of Dante's Inferno, the demo serves as a prelude to the player's perilous journey to the inner bowels of hell."

The full game hits shelves on February 12 over here (Feb 9 in US) for PS3, 360 and PSP.