NCSoft talks Aion Vision trailer

"Some features further along in development than others", it says of 'exciting' update

You may remember this stunning Aion 'Vision' trailer released recently. It looks so good it even had myself, a strictly non-MMO gamer, rather interested in getting in on the action. But when's all this cool stuff coming?

An NCSoft rep has come out to say that the developer is working on a bunch of neat stuff, but it's not ready to talk specifics because some features are "further along in the development process than others", apparently.

"As you can tell from the trailer, the development team is hard at work on evolving the Aion experience in unique and innovative ways. Some of the features highlighted in the trailer are further along in the development process than others. Because of this, we aren't ready to share or speculate on timeframes," the rep posted on the official forums.

"Even though we're not ready to confirm specifics on features shown in the Aion vision trailer, we're very excited about what the future holds for Aion and are committed to developing the game's experience. We will provide you with further updates when they're available."