EA: "We wouldn't have done" MW2 airport scene

Infinity Ward "took it a little far" says Army of Two producer

EA "wouldn't have done" the now-infamous Modern Warfare 2 airport scene, a Montreal producer has told CVG.

Speaking in our just-published Army of Two: 40th Day interview, the game's producer, Matt Turner said he feels Infinity Ward took the scene "a little too far", though he respects the developer for being "gutsy".

"We wouldn't have done it, we didn't do it," he told CVG. "For me personally I think the alarm bells went off in a big way on that one because it was out of context. When the footage got leaked thousands upon thousands of people saw it on a clip not knowing what it was.

"I'm not saying they were overreacting but people were generating these pretty outlandish opinions even though they didn't know what the scene meant in the grand scheme of the game," he added.

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"You're playing a CIA agent, it's designed to show the atrocities... it's pretty awful and if you fail to see that side of it than you're not getting the whole picture. That being said, I thought it took it a little far; it was pretty out there. But I like seeing that they have guts like that."

Turner, who also acts a writer on the Army of Two series, said he "absolutely" sees the narrative purposes of the Daily Mail-angering sequences.

"I say maybe they pushed it too far but in a way that's a good thing because the media of videogames is very young," he added. "We have to start pushing limits, making statements and seeing what kind of social and cultural relevance that we can have which hasn't really been nailed yet.

"I think [Infinity Ward] were pushing towards that direction and trying to make people experience something truly terrible," he said. "Whether they were successful or not I'll leave up to the players to decide, but I liked the fact that they were trying something new that people haven't done before. I think that's really gutsy and my hat's off to Infinity Ward for trying at least."

An Army of Two: 40th Day demo is due on Xbox Live and PSN this Thursday, December 17.