Army of Two: 40th Day review: "Big surprise"

PSM3 mag asks: "The most improved sequel ever?"

The first Army of Two: The 40th Day review is in and it's very positive, with PSM3 going as far as calling the EA sequel "2010's first big surprise".


"The 40th Day is the perfect example of a developer listening to criticism and making positive changes," PSM3 says in its latest issue.

"It's not the most progressive or technically impressive game on PS3, but the morality system, weapon customisation and online co-op elevate it, and it's one of the best cover-to-cover shooters on PS3."

85% is the score. For the full verdict buy your copy of PSM3 and get it delivered to your door and don't forget to check out our just-published Army of Two: 40th Day interview as well.