Take-Two says GTA IV DLC was too late

Downloadable content missed the initial marketing blitz

Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick thinks the Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content came too late after the original game had shipped, making it unable to take adventage of the game's marketing support.

Taking questions after today's financials, Zelnick said, "Both we and Microsoft believed there was a big market for GTA IV episodic content and some factors affected their performance.

"Both were released significantly after the launch of the core unit and therefore weren't able to leverage GTA IV's initial marketing campaign and initial launch fervor."

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The Lost and Damned coming out around ten months after GTA IV launch and The Ballad of Gay Tony clocked in at 18 months post launch. Thanks Joystiq.

Do you think the buzz of the original game had worn off by the time the DLC was annoucned and released?