Def Jam Rapstar screens, info

Hip-hop SingStar gets an update

After coming out of hiding for a few days and then going straight back under its rock again at Gamescom, Def Jam Rapstar is back out in the open.

"The Def Jam series is shedding the fighting aspect with its newest game," says a website udpate. "Titled Def Jam Rapstar, players will choose a hip-hop track to sing and try to get the best score.

"The game will use either the Xbox Live Vision Camera or the PlayStation Eye, depending on the system your playing on, to put gamers into the game. After the song, players can edit themselves into the video and post it to the Def Jam Rapstar site.


"The game features a two player local play, but more can be added with the Pass The Mic mode. A Free Style mode is also available for players to sing their own lyrics over scratch instrumental tracks. Online, multiplayer Battle and Co-op modes will be available. Battle mode has players alternating rhyming lyrics, while Co-op mode has players singing together to get the highest score."

The game is due "this winter". Better get a move on then. Check out this Def Jam Rapstar preview for more. Thanks Evil Avatar.