Gaming's most decadent weapon: yours for $100k

For sale: $100k diamond-studded grenade. Careful use advised.

Say what you want about the original Army of Two, but its sequel AO2: The 40th Day deviates from its muscle-bound, frat-boy roots to deliver a relatively complex, moral adventure with genuinely likable characters - who, er, just so happen to have access to the most decadent, absurdly consumerist, weapons in gaming history. Leopard print shotguns? Nice, but they're the Ford Focus of the PMC weapon's industry. The Bugatti Veyron? Now this you'll like...

For a mere $100k - the same price as an infinitely more useful weapon grip and riot shield, plus a nice bacon roll - you can pick up... a diamond-studded grenade. One use. A complete waste of money. But, hey - that's how real PMCs roll.

Just don't accidentally throw it against a wall and blow yourself up. Unless you want to look like, er, that bloke with diamonds all over his face in the Bond film. Which can't happen anyway. So, well, you know.

What's the most decadent, wasteful, in-game item you've ever bought? MGS4 and Resi fans might have a few tales to tell here - especially those who saved for that absurdly costly Japanese rifle in MGS4, that's dead easy to misfire.

Anyway, sorry for lack of blogs. Deadline n'that. We've done no Xmas shopping either. None. It's a massive worry.

Diamond-studded grenade, dear... ah, sorry, you wanted the make up set. Never mind. HOLYSHITIDROPPEDIT!RUN!

Have a great weekend


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