Dead Space 2 Interview

EA's monster sequel unveiled

One of 2008's very best games, Dead Space, has a sequel - and we can't bloody wait to play it.

Set years after the original, Dead Space 2 sees protagonist Isaac Clarke once again trapped in an alien nightmare as the Necromorph infection reaches a sprawling human city, the 'Sprawl', on the rings of Saturn.


More scares, Zero G and destructable environments - including the ability to smash windows sending enemies and scenery ejecting into space - are promised, as well as the controversial additions of more action, a voice for Isaac and yes - multiplayer.

The development team at Visceral Games were kind enough to answer some of our questions ahead of the sequel's official reveal, and finally we can now share with you their answers.

For the full reveal of Dead Space 2 and the first ever screenshots pick up Official PlayStation Magazine and Xbox World 360 magazine, both of which are on sale now. And if you can't be arsed to walk to the shops buy them both online.

How is Dead Space 2's space station any different from the giant Ishimura? And why Isaac Clarke again? Isn't he dead?

Ian Milham, Art Director: While the Ishimura was all built by one company and had one feeling, the Sprawl is a whole city in space, built over time by different people. It has rich areas, poor areas, apartment blocks and commercial centers, schools and churches. The Sprawl lets us have a lot more diversity in our settings and themes. Isaac Clarke is back because his story has a lot more to be told, and his experiences in the original game will directly affect what happens in Dead Space 2. He's very much not dead, although he may wish he was.

NPC's, a talking protagonist... how are you going to keep Dead Space 2 as scary as the original now that you're not just a quiet man trapped alone on an alien-infested hell ship?

John Calhoun, Senior Designer: When we made Dead Space 1, we learned a lot about horror and atmosphere; specifically, what works, and what doesn't. We're dialing up the ideas that worked best, and developing a bunch of new tricks to keep you at the edge of your seat. (For example, your next trip to the doctor will never be the same...) The idea of having Isaac talk, and giving him a cast of characters to interact with, are features that were proposed by the same group responsible for our horror moments! They're a smart bunch, so Isaac's change from a silent anyman to a more capable hero is actually being done to support the scares and tension that Dead Space is known for.

Visceral heads Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey left the studio this year. Should be worried that the sequel's quality might suffer as a result?

Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer: It takes a lot more than 2 people to make a great game. The entire team did a tremendous job on the original. We are fortunate to have the majority of those folks back on the sequel. I think the work that is happening now is fantastic and surpasses what we did on the original. We are not being held back at all on Dead Space 2 and hopefully people will see that when they get to see more of the game.

Dead Space 2 is being described as having a lot more "action" moments than the original. You're not pulling a Resident Evil 5 on us, are you?

Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer: Dead Space 2 will retain the survival horror elements from the original game and infuse more moments of empowerment. An easy way to describe it is you will have moments where you are capable of blasting the shit out of the Necromorphs.

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