LittleBigPlanet Water levels out now

Pirates of the Caribbean DLC and feature-packed update released

As expected, Media Molecule has released a patch update and premium DLC expansion for LittleBigPlanet on PS3, because you haven't spent enough money in the past few weeks, right?

The 'Danish Blue' patch is free and brings the game up to version 1.22, with a whole list of new tweaks and improvements. Then you have the Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit, which costs £479 and adds new levels that contain the newly added water gameplay, along with an edit tool to add water to your own custom creations.

Here it is listed in full:

1.22 Danish Blue - FREE
Release date: 22/12/2009
This update contains features, some of which will only be available to you as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit.


  • Water now available to creators who own the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit, and playable via community levels for everyone. Check the FAQ for more information on controlling water.
  • Added 11 new trophies. See details here.
  • Scuba Gear Powerup -The Scuba Gear object gives Sackboy an infinite air supply when he is underwater.
  • Bubble Machine -The Bubble Machine refills Sackboy's air supply if he is in close proximity to the object. It can be operated on or off by a switch object.
  • Water Switch - The Water Switch is a switch that is activated when it is submerged in water. It can be connected to the same objects as other switches.
  • Global Water Object - Similar to the Global Lighting Object the GWO can change the water's settings over a specified time when it is triggered.


  • You can now save your decorated POD - When in the pod, if you open Popit you will see a POD (rocket ship) icon next to the Heart icon, opening this takes you to the My Pods section, where you can save and load 100 pod decorations
  • Ability to reset avatar to default (PSN) avatar
  • More Details page - on a level's info bubble there's now a page of stats about the level.
  • You can now disable the Thermometer in Create Mode if you are worried about screen burn: Go to Settings > Display Settings and there will be an option to show or hid the HUD when in Create Mode.

Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit - £4.79

Weigh Anchors and hoist the mainsail, we're setting sail for the Caribbean.

Rumours say that the fearsome Davy Jones and his mighty Kraken have come to LittleBigPlanet to wreak havoc and claim some sack folk to serve as Davy's Crew. Once again, it's going to fall to Sackboy to locate the only ship on LittleBigPlanet that has any chance of sending him back to the bottom of the sea.

  • New Gameplay features for Create: Water - Global Water Object, Scuba Gear, Bubble Machine, Water Switch
  • 5 Brand new Pirates of the Caribbean themed Levels
  • 1 New costume: The Cannibal: Leg Bands, Teeth, Nose Decoration, Hair, Loincloth, Skin
  • 4 new music tracks
  • A new level background
  • 8 Materials
  • 14 Decorations
  • 27 Objects
  • 133 Stickers
  • 11 brand new PlayStation Trophies