UK: Games outsell movies

2009 saw more money spent on games than films (including trips to the cinema and DVDs)

The Daily Telegraph has been doing some research into what we spent most of our money on this year and games came out ahead a movies.

The paper says, "This is the clearest evidence yet that the video games market has come of age and transformed itself from a niche form of entertainment for teenage boys into a mainstream form of entertainment for millions of British families."

We've been telling the world that for years.

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Apparently, in the twelve months to the end of September 2009, £1.73 billion was spent on games says GFK Chart-Track. The UK Film Council reckons £1 billion was spent at the British box office during the same period, with a further £198 million spent on films released on DVD and Blu-ray. "Only television - including DVDs of television shows, along with the cost of the license and satellite subscriptions - and music are bigger forms of entertainment," says article writer Harry Wallop (what a name).

Tom Watson, the former Cabinet Office minister, said the stats were proof that the industry needs to be taken seriously. "Like anything digital, Parliament has a very narrow view of video games. Too many politicians think video games are played by teenage boys staying up all night shooting things in their bedroom.

"And yes there are plenty of those, but there is also a huge range of people of many different ages who love playing games. The industry has matured over the last decade, and so too have gamers."

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