LittleBigPlanet levels of the year

Media Molecule narrows down 1.5 million user-made levels, you do the rest

2009 was so last year and UK developer Mm has begun the huge search for the best user generated level.

Here's the announcement:

The Sackies - Celebrating the highest level of achievement amongst Players, Creators and Sharers on LittleBigPlanet.

The BEST level of the entire year. Wow. Narrowing down over 1.5 million levels to find one that is the best! But who will choose? Not us, this is far too important, this one is for you guys to decide.

This video is no longer available

All you need to do is select the level you want to win. We request that you try to play all the levels before you decide, and to give you the time to do this, we won't be announcing this winner until the first week in January.

That's THIS week people. Quick! Vote for your favourite user-made level here.