Call of Duty 7 Vietnam details leak?

Fresh rumours of Treyarch's latest COD title emerge

While there's nothing official on what Call Of Duty developer Treyarch is currently up to, the heat is beginning to be turned up on rumours that it's busy making Call of Duty Vietnam. Here's the latest crop.

It's being suggested that Treyarch's title is set for a winter 2010 release and it'll be based on conflicts from the Vietnam War.

PlanetXbox360 claims that Treyarch has relied heavily on technologies and ideas introduced by series creator Infinity Ward, which is probably a given.

Vietnam is said to focus heavily on the story, specifically the struggles of each individual platoon member. And pacing of the game is rumoured to follow movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket.

Who knows. It's all too early to even think about yet.