God Of War 3 is a 'must have' - Sony

Publisher says title is 'set apart' from other next-gen games in exclusive CVG interview

God Of War 3 publisher Sony believes God Of War 3 will be a 'must have' game for adult gamers when it arrives in March - as it is "set apart" from any other next-gen title on the market.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with CVG, Sony's product manager for the game Claire Backhouse said that title offered "unmistakable realism" - and was four times larger than its predecessor.

She said: "God of War 3 combines these new technologies with the much loved gameplay elements from the previous games - Puzzle solving, brutal combat and epic set-piece battles.


"It also benefits from a deep and involving storyline, steeped in Greek Mythology. This is what makes God of War 3 unique and sets it apart from other next gen titles."

She added: "I think if you are over 18 and want an amazing single player experience this year then God of War 3 is a must have."

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