2K Boston becomes Irrational Games

The house of Ken Levine goes back to its original name

The original BioShock developer has changed its name back to what it was called before it was acquired by GTA publisher Take-Two.

A few years ago Irrational Games changed its name following a buyout by mega-publisher Take-Two but the studio has now gone back to its roots to keep the legacy alive.

Game Informer reports, "After repeatedly being referred to as '2K Boston (formerly Irrational Games),' the team members recognized a value in the previous identity and the legacy that was tied to it. So, the name was changed again; 2K Boston is no more, and Irrational Games is back."

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Just in case you're wondering why all the fuss over a name change, Irrational Games was formed by members of Looking Glass Studios who made awesome games such as System Shock and Thief.