God Of War Trilogy release date touted

UPDATE: Special GoW III pack coming to UK end of March, say retail ads; £110 pricetag confirmed

Sony's God Of War Trilogy will arrive on UK shelves on March 20th in the UK.

At least, that's according to UK retailers Gamestation and GAME.

Oddly, that's a Saturday, so don't mark it in the diary just yet. Sony told CVG today it was 'not in a position' to confirm the date.

The pack contains God Of War III, as well as HD remakes of its two home console predecessors and an artbook, soundtrack and more.


The price, however, is less appealing. Sony has confirmed to CVG that the £110 tag mentioned by GAME is accurate. Ouch.

UPDATE: GAME and Gamestation appear to have deleted the original listings, which were available to view earlier today.

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