CVG: The week's best comments

Reader reaction and community views... Did yours make the cut?

It's been quite the week for CVG reader comments, with Sony delays, official reviews and even jiggly boobs drawing wrath, affection and giggles. Plenty of giggles.

Here are our favourites from the last seven days...

PS3 motion control delayed

"Come on then thets have all the stupid comments....."
stonecold77 - kicks off our feature better than we could (and are allowed)

ESRB: Heavy Rain's 'intense violence, nudity' detailed

"hehe boobs"
slick loose - proves that some people are easily pleased

"Self mutilation and breasts eh? Sounds like an emo stag party."
SICARIUS1 - why don't we get invited to those kind of parties?

GT5 "90% complete" - Yamauchi

"Somebody give them a job lot of Pledge so they can get the polishing done ASAP "
captain savaloy responds sceptically to Yamauchi's claim that there's just 10% of polishing to go on the perennially delayed PS3 racer

"90%, eh? If my maths is correct (5 years development, so 1 year is 20%), that means another 6 months of development for GT5. That means July/August. Hot dog. Hot dog. Hot diggetty dog."
Mark240473 does the GT5 maths

PS3 firmware 3.15 is mandatory

"I shall look forward to this one nobbling up my console."
altitude2k remains sceptical about compulsory PS3 updates

UK Chart: Just Dance shoots down Modern Warfare 2

"I feel ashamed to be British"
dannybuoy - feels the pain

"This is like the industry slapping my mother in the face right in front of me"
lwill Poor old mum...

Heavy Rain review is in

"Despite being reviewed by an official mag, it's still good to read a review. Especially as there's still time to cancel my pre-order "
microhenry clearly believes the myth of the official review

"Think OPM is quite good as with regards to reviewing first parties. They did KZ2 no favours."
VOR dispels the myth of the 'official' review

"...Then how come blow up sheep are on list of acomplishments on xbox live??"
HITMANBAZZA posits a whole new level for Xbox Achievements

God of War 3 screens land

"May God strike me down now if this game is not going to be incredible.... Nope!? roll on March then!"
jamie1 tempts higher powers with his love for God of War III

"I think I pooped a little..." While all liquidsoap89 needs is a change of underwear at the prospect of Kratos' arrival

Apple Tablet to take on PS3, 360?

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