Call of Duty "most likely" to start couple row

And one in five women have dumped partners because of gaming, says research

Call of Duty is the game series most likely to start a row between a couple, research has found (clearly these researchers have never tried to show the missus Mario Kart).

According to a study conducted by UK online discount site, MyVoucherCodes, one in five women have dumped their partner because of their gaming habits.

Research revealed that 80 per cent of women claim their other half spends too much time playing computer games or browsing the web. Furthermore, 70 per cent said the gaming addiction was the cause of arguments between the couple.

Research head, Mark Pearson said of the findings: "While men are more likely to spend their time running recon with, scoring goals against or shooting at people from all over the world, women are just as to blame for the time they spend online for relationship breakups according to the study.

"I'm no relationship expert, but it seems that as technology improves, our ability to interact with those around us lessens - hopefully these statistics will be the push people need to reassess the way they treat loved ones."

If only this research could've come out sooner, eh Zac and Andy?

Via PCWorld