Ubisoft working on FIFA/PES contender?

Publisher to make own 'direct attack' on footy champs, claims report

Ubisoft is set to release its own football sim - and not just another Pele Wii game, but a 'direct attack' on genre titans FIFA and PES.

That's according to a report on usually reliable French site, Jeux Video, which claims that Ubisoft has been working with "several English clubs" including Liverpool and its captain, Steven Gerrard to develop the game.

What's more, Ubisoft's footy game is said to be due for release at the end of this year.

Nothing's official of course - and we're awaiting comment from Ubisoft - but boss Yves Guillemot has expressed his intent to break into the sports market in the past.

"The sports genre is different - there are lots of good elements there because it is more casual, so it would bring new customers to Ubisoft. So we have something to grow there, and that's what we are doing," he said in 2008.

Is there really room for a third big footy game on the market? With PES floundering a little in recent years there's certainly the possibility of a new contender swooping in to nick the 'unofficial' spot.

But whatever happens, the increased competition can only be good news for gamers and we look forward to seeing what the French publisher can come up with... if it is indeed working on something.