Rebellion keen on AvP motion control support

Brutal shooter "certainly could" get Natal/'Arc' support, says producer

Alien Vs Predator senior producer Dave Brickley has told CVG he's keen on the idea of adding motion control support to the gory shooter when Sony and Microsoft's Natal and Sony's PS3 'wand' (aka Arc) arrive later this year.

When asked if AvP might be updated to support motion control similarly to the motion-enabled updates of LittleBigPlanet and Resident Evil 5 on PS3, Brickley replied: "Yeah, it certainly could."

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He went on to say he was "excited" by the new tech. "Like any gamer I'm excited about the prospect of adding a new dimension to the medium. The Wii showed it can add something totally different that's not just tacked on," he said.

"What do you think, would people like to actually rip out someone's spine with their bare hands?" asked Brickley.

Check back in the next few days to catch the full interview with Dave Brickley discussing why AvP isn't a "me too" shooter", and the "fundamental issue" with motion control.