Alien vs Predator Survivor Mode trailer released

Can you 'Take On The Alien Swarm'?

Sega has released a trailer for 'Survivor Mode' in its moody FPS, Alien vs Predator.

The mode gives players the gruelling task of taking on swarms of Aliens that not only attack in relentless waves, but get progressively stronger as you fight them. It's a bit like Gears' Horde and Halo's Firefight then.

Sure the whole thing looks like a thankless effort wrapped in inevitable doom, but, with the option of getting three of your mates involved, we're anticipating some Nazi Zombie-esque frantic team play and all the banter that goes with it.

If unparalleled stress doesn't appeal, there are plenty of other modes to get stuck into.

In 'Predator Hunt' the odds are stacked against one player who takes on the role of the stealthy Predator Hunter. The rest have to defend themselves as lowly Marine Prey or try and kill the hunter if they're feeling brave.

Give us an idea of your anticipation for this feast of entrails - it's due out on February 19.