FIFA 11 won't drop the ball - EA

Peter Moore says dev team are too 'paranoid' to let standards drop

EA Canada is 'paranoid' about letting standards in its revitalised FIFA series slip - an attitude which will ensure that this year's iteration is yet another huge step forward for the franchise.

That's according to EA Sports boss Peter Moore, who told CVG this week that the hugely successful development team will "never get complacent" - and have already highlighted a number of things they wish to fix in the next game in the series.

Speaking in the first part of our exclusive interview, Moore said: "[The FIFA team] is about continued innovation in what we do, in particular taking a very critical look in the mirror. And when I say they're paranoid, I mean it.

"The team listens brilliantly to its fanbase - because it knows there's always things you can fix; always things you can do a little better. They will tell you they can do a lot better with Manager Mode [as seen in FIFA 10, for example] - and they will in FIFA 11."

You want paranoia, you got it: FIFA 10 is averaging a pretty impressive 91% on Metacritic whilst CVG itself rated the game at 9/10.

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