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BioShock 2

Can Rapture impress a second time?

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This result is a single-player game that, on paper at least, is superior to its 2007 predecessor - in level design, pacing and combat. The one thing it doesn't do though - just as we expected - is recreate those 'wow' moments from our first title's trip underwater.

BioShock's opening bathysphere ride and that scene with Ryan isn't matched in the second game. That's not to say it doesn't go far enough in the impressive set piece department (there are some awesome scenes in the sequel) but it lacks the punch the original so powerfully delivered in 2007 and in the process is a lot more predictable.

On its own, then, BioShock 2 is a brilliant, if not-particularly-brave shooter story. But as a complement to the exciting and iconic original, it's a predictable but technically excellent second chapter to an unmissable FPS pairing.

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The verdict

Lacks the impact of the original, but piece-for-piece a worthy sequel to one of the generation's best shooters.

  • Level-for-level a better paced solo game
  • Improved, frantic combat
  • Excellent narrative
  • Solid multiplayer
  • Big Sisters could've been better executed
  • Rapture lacks impact the second time
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