"Supernanny" tackles violent games

20 minutes of violent gameplay enough to densensitise boys

ITV's Supernanny show has taken on games with not-at-all surprising results - 20 minutes of violent gameplay is enough to densensitise young boys. Here we go again...

The Guardian is running a report on a study that suggests playing first-person shooters desensitizes young people to violence.

The findings are based on an experiment where 40 boys played games for 20 minutes, with half playing a footy game and the other half a "first-person war game."

The kids then had their heartbeats monitored as they watched violent news footage. Boys who played the violent game "retained slower heart rates during the news footage," leading to the conclusion: "Shockingly, just 20 minutes of violent gameplay was enough to densensitise the boys."

ITV's Supernanny is behind the study along with some bloke called Dr Doug Gentile.

The Guardian sums it up quite nicely, "Violent video games have been around for 30 years. If just 20 minutes of exposure is enough to turn normal boys into desensitised monsters, our streets should be filled with violence."

But they're not are they? Have your say below.

Thanks Blues.